Month: November 2020

Why I Went Mostly Vegan

This is my short story of getting sick and tired, then having gut issues and trying many different options, as well as searching the internet for what could help me.  I always found Naturopaths the most helpful with the most natural answers and solutions that seemed to work the best.  I have always believed thatRead More

Dr Gundry Vital Reds Review

Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m a Gundry Wellness Ambassador and one of the products I got in the very first packs I got from Gundry was his “Vital Reds”. Now there are a ‘Concentrated Polyphenol Blend’ and I’ve never had them before, so this is my first box. I have been having itRead More

Dr Gundry Green Smoothie

In the book The Plant Paradox, I started with the Phase 1 recipe of the “Green Smoothie” which is an important part of this three day cleanse.  This is the first phase of going lectin free and giving your gut bacteria time to heal and increase in good bacteria. I first made it to tryRead More