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Gundry MD Cinnamon Rolls Vegan

Hi Everyone, As I love cinnamon rolls, I stopped having them when I was highly intolerant to dairy and egg and went vegan.  Occasionally I would see a vegan one somewhere in a cafe and would get it as a treat, but my tummy still didn’t agree with the sugar content and even gluten. WhenRead More

Lectin Free Vegan Maple Tahini Cookies

These are my favourite quick, easy, healthy biscuit recipe.  I also love that they’re lectin free, vegan, sugar free, gluten free and tasty. I first saw the recipe on Instagram shared by Lakanto, as I use all their sugar substitutes now.  The recipe was originally on the website, but the full recipe doesn’t seemRead More

Dr Gundry Green Smoothie

In the book The Plant Paradox, I started with the Phase 1 recipe of the “Green Smoothie” which is an important part of this three day cleanse.  This is the first phase of going lectin free and giving your gut bacteria time to heal and increase in good bacteria. I first made it to tryRead More