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Gundry MD Cinnamon Rolls Vegan

Hi Everyone, As I love cinnamon rolls, I stopped having them when I was highly intolerant to dairy and egg and went vegan.  Occasionally I would see a vegan one somewhere in a cafe and would get it as a treat, but my tummy still didn’t agree with the sugar content and even gluten. WhenRead More

Gundry MD Popped Superfood Crisps Review

Gundry MD Popped Superfood Crisps Review These have become my favourite go to chip snack, especially if I feel like something savoury or salty.  It’s been difficult to find lectin free chips, especially in Australia. These are my favourite chips now as they just have that salty flavour to satisfy a salt chip craving andRead More

Lectin Free Vegan Maple Tahini Cookies

These are my favourite quick, easy, healthy biscuit recipe.  I also love that they’re lectin free, vegan, sugar free, gluten free and tasty. I first saw the recipe on Instagram shared by Lakanto, as I use all their sugar substitutes now.  The recipe was originally on the website, but the full recipe doesn’t seemRead More

Why I Went Mostly Vegan

This is my short story of getting sick and tired, then having gut issues and trying many different options, as well as searching the internet for what could help me.  I always found Naturopaths the most helpful with the most natural answers and solutions that seemed to work the best.  I have always believed thatRead More